Post-Acute Care

Short-term or Rehabilitative Care

"Road to Home"

When you need short-term or rehabilitative care due to surgery recovery, fractures, stroke, or any other medical condition, your top concern is healing. Our team of certified rehabilitation specialists work with your personal physician to ensure you or your loved one receives the highest level of care while working toward the goal of a timely recovery.


What is Post-Acute Care?

Following a hospitalization for injury or illness, many patients require continued medical care, either at home or in a specialized facility. Post-acute care refers to a range of medical care services that support the individual’s continued recovery from illness or management of a chronic illness or disability.


Outline of Services

Our skilled services include- Skilled Nursing Services such as intravenous therapy, wound care, enteral feeding, injections, diabetic care, and pain management. We also offer Rehabilitative Services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech/ language pathology provided by our on-site rehabilitation team.


Guidelines Overview

All residents receive skilled services under guidelines established by Medicare. These services are paid by Medicare, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), and/or private insurance companies.

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